of the digital maturity

of your tourism enterprise


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Assess the digital maturity of your enterprise and discover new digital tools to improve its performance.

  • Free and open
  • Your data is confidential
  • Complete it in less than 10 minutes
  • Receive the results online and in your email

The assessment

Answer 42 simple questions to assess the level of digital maturity of your enterprise
Obtain a report on the status of technology adoption and digital skills of your enterprise
Access tailored recommendations to accelerate the digital transformation of your enterprise

Slow digital adaptation, basic use of communication technology, and little use of digital sales channels.
Use of technology for marketing and for the administration of internal processes.
Digital operations, innovation with emerging technologies, and incorporation of digital services into the customer experience.
Intensive use of technology for continuous innovation and differentiation, clients choose the company for the digital experience it provides.

What do we measure?

Culture and Human Resources
Capacity development
Digital skills
Managerial involvement
Internal communication
Innovation and Infrastructure
Infrastructure and devices
Internet connection
Information security
Innovation strategy
Implementation of emerging technologies
Social media, website, and tourist service platforms
Customization of tourist products or services
Digital payments
Marketing optimization
Reservation system
Digital marketing
Evaluation of customer satisfaction
Information and Strategy
Data analysis
Visitor log
Formulation of strategies
Market research
Automation (IoT)
Administrative tools for procurement, production, and operations
Financial, accounting, billing tools
Customer follow-up and process results
Efficient use of water and electricity
Waste management